The Glamorous Ladies of Bollywood’s Golden Era

When I hear the term “movie star” I always think of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Lena Horne or Marlene Dietrich.  While I know that some of these ladies are from different time periods, I feel they all epitomize one thing, glamour. While researching Bollywood topics for this post, I came upon a certain time in the Bollywood’s industry history that I never had heard of before, the Golden Era of Bollywood. What inspired me from this time were the leading actresses; they were the definition of chic. Actresses like Madhubala, Meena Kumari, Nargis, and Devika Rani balanced costuming from both Western and Indian influence. Even with their makeup, they would wear French-inspired cat-eye eyeliner with colorful, bright saris. These women served as a great reminder to Western viewers that Hollywood was not the only place that made glamorous movies; even today Bollywood is still a driving force for beauty and fashion inspiration.

Here is only a small taste of the fabulous actresses that starred in Bollywood’s Golden Era. Comment below if there are any other glamorous ladies you admire that I did forgot to mention.

Devika Rani

Often considered “The First Lady of Bollywood”


An iconic figure in Hindi cinema, a popular figure who’s life was cut too short.

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Meena Kumari

Often known as the “Tragedy Queen” for both her film roles and her off-screen life.


This former child star/philanthropist has been dubbed by many sources as “the greatest actress of all time.”


An versatile actress who has mastered both mainstream and arthouse roles.



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