A History of Fashion on Film

This week’s post is going to stray from my normal habit of screen caps and photos to a post all about videos, YouTube videos. As a historical fashion fanatic, I’m always looking for information that helps me better understand what clothing of the past looked, fit, and moved like. Lately, I’ve been watching tons of  newsreel-style fashion videos on YouTube, and I’ve discovered that they can be really great research tools. Here are some of my favorites in chronological order:










In present times, fashion has embraced technology and created a genre that I feel is only getting started, fashion films. These films are usually shorts with no dialogue that focus on a designer’s collection or a certain look/feeling. These films differ to what we’ve seen before in that they bring in not only fashion, but artistic and film aspects. A great resource for fashion films and even a fashion film festival is a shadedviewonfashionfilm.com, which solely focuses on short films inspired by fashion. Here is my all-time favorite fashion film, “Are You Also Wistful?” which was a 2010 contest winner for A Shaded View on Fashion Film. Enjoy!


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