Today’s post is about the Roman Polanski movie “Chinatown,” a 1974 mystery drama set in Los Angeles during the 1930’s. While watching this movie, I couldn’t stop obsessing over the makeup on Faye Dunaway’s character Evelyn Mulwray. Her look is the definition of 1930’s glam; thin drawn-on eyebrows, bright red lipstick, with finger-waves framing the face. This look describes to the viewers what type of person Evelyn Mulwray is; a rich, beautiful woman with a lot of drama.

I also want to mention Evelyn’s accessories, especially her hats. In today’s time we only see headwear outside during winter, more or less for functional use. Evelyn’s ensembles are the total opposite of that, they speak to us. They enhance her look rather than hiding from the elements.

This look may not be a hundred percent wearable today, but some these elements alone, like the bright red lipstick, the waved hair or a fascinator, could totally spice up an evening outfit.


What do you think of this look? Do you think we should forget it, it’s Chinatown? (Kudos to those who get the reference)


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