Les Bonnes Femmes

This week I am featuring a film from one of my favorite movie genres, the French New Wave, which occurred in France during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Many of the films featured in this movement were about the daily lives of France’s youth and the drama that they got themselves into. Les Bonnes Femmes by the iconic Claude Chabrol gives modern viewers an insight into what life may have looked like for these young Parisians and also into what they wore. All of the women in the film looked incredibly classic with pea-coats, little black dresses, and cat eye eyeliner. There isn’t much adornment in these looks and accessories are kept at a minimal; it is all about a simple silhouette with come hither eyes.

I absolutely love this type of look, it’s a great way to look fabulous without spending a bunch of money. These looks also serve as great staples for anybody’s wardrobe and they look great with showstopping accessories. Here are some of my favorite modern interpretations of classic French style:

Sources: Satorialist.com/Style.com

Do any of you play it classic or is it just too plain?


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