Diary of A Lost Girl

Today’s post is about the G.W. Pabst silent classic, Diary of a Lost Girl. This 1929 drama is about a young, naive girl, Thymian, played by the gorgeous Louise Brooks. Brooks’s character becomes pregnant and then is disowned for choosing to be an unwed mother. This film features Thymian as an unknowingly strong character who ventures into the world of prostitution in order to make a living. Since the movie centers on “bad girls” and was made during the 1920s, the flapper look is prominent in almost every scene. Dropped waists, bobbed hair and black patent Mary-Jane shoes grace the screen, giving the viewer a wonderful visual experience. Here are some flapper looks on Louise Brooks’s Thymian.

Even though these looks occurred over eighty years ago, modern designers still incorporate them in their collections. Here are some of my favorite modern flapper looks.

Source: Style.com/Satorialist.com

What do you think of the flappers and their looks?



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